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The internet's biggest collection of shock sites!
Maker: Unknown
Type: Shock sites
Creation date: 2008 is a shock site contains a big collection of shock sites, separating the websites into 11 categories.

Shock Sites Owned[edit]

  • Canadian Tea Party - showing 3 elderly man having sex in the bathtub, as well as showering each other, the same thing as
  • Kickinthecunt - a person with blonde hair and wearing a black striped shirt kicking a naked woman's vagina with the song Kick in the Cunt from the movie Run Ronnie Run! playing.
  • Ripple Guts - depicts a man inserting a long dildo into his anus, which can be seen going up against his stomach.
  • Dock Fuck - containing 2 different images of men inserting their penises into other men's penises. It is unknown if these images are related to each other in any way, the name meant Dick Fuck.
  • Cyperspace - shows a pornographic video of Kirk Johnson, having sexual relations with 2 dildoes.
  • Nuts in da ass - showing a man with huge balls and small penis, squirting semen all over the place, the original name of the video is called Big Bag.
  • Fish Blow: - showing a GIF of a man making a fish perform oral sex on him. there is nothing much to say.
  • Banana Canon - showing a flash animation of a woman who shoots a banana onto another woman's face using her anus, specifically a mirror to
  • Nut Dancer: - showing a GIF of a person stepping on a (possibly fake) penis (mostly by its testicles) along with music playing.
  • Penis Crusher: - showing a GIF of a man stepping on a realistic-looking penis making semen (or a substance resembling it) come out
  • Love Parade: - the same image from LOLTrain but with different caption.
  • Cock Flop: - showing a GIF of a woman with a penis receiving anal sex from a man with her penis bouncing up and down (the same GIF as seen on, with "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" by Aerosmith playing in the background.
  • Penis Piano: - showing a GIF of a man playing a "piano" (which is actually just a bunch of cloth made to look like a piano) by making his penis bounce up to hit the "keys".
  • Loves Shit: - showing a GIF of a man having diarrhea onto a woman's face. It is the same GIF as seen on the shockchan version of Worm Gush.
  • Loves Goats: showing a GIF of a man licking the lips of a (possibly taxidermy) goat head. This GIF was also featured on
  • Loves Transgender: showing a GIF of a naked transgender woman.
  • Has a Tiny Dick: showing text that says "Has a tiny dick is a harmless joke", and upon scrolling down it shows a bunch of pictures of tiny penises.
  • Arab Goggles: - Arab Goggles showing a picture of a woman laying down with balls lying on her eyes with the caption text says "I CANT SEE SHIT!" the website has been closed, you can only access using Wayback Machine
  • Cock Knot: - As the name implies, it shows an image of a man's penis tied up into a knot, captioned with "A long ass cock tied into a neat bow".
  • Split Kranksy: - showing a pornographic flash animation of a man with 2 (somewhat deformed-looking) penises and he is squirting cum out of a hole between his 2 testicles.
  • FLAP FLAP FLAP: or known as "What the fuck is this?", it contains a flash animation of an anime character with a vagina (which is flapping its lips) for a mouth and has a penis coming out of their forehead.
  • Danishhandshake: showing a GIF of a man fisting a woman's vagina making her prolapsed anus pop out while INXS - Devil Inside plays through the GIF.
  • CentiPenis: a centipede going through a guy's circumcised penis.
  • Poo Button: displays a white background only containing a red button as well as mentioning the text saying "Press The Poo Button...You know you want to.", the button will play a fart noise, every time the button is pushed occasionally as well as modifying up the text, now the text is now currently stating "Ooh delightful! Press it again.", pressing it for a second time will change the text saying "Haha! Nice one! Press it again.", the third time you push the button will display a scatological GIF of a somebody defecating onto an unadorned woman's chest followed by a music of Scatman John Scatman John - Scatman(ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) playing.
  • Youloveniggers: - showing a GIF focusing on the buttocks of an obese person having anal sex with a man.
  • Rave Musik: - a flash animation of a woman vomiting onto another woman wearing black panties who is laying on a table (along with another woman watching in the background), and the GIF reverses. A remix of Fly High by Me plays in the background.
  • This will turn you gay: - showing an image of a hermaphrodite's genitals edited to look like a face with the caption "I WILL EAT YOUR FAMILY".
  • Drecksau - showing an image of a man with his pants pulled down (showing his underwear) laying on a bathroom floor covered in vomit and feces, and he seems to have some feces smeared on his leg. The caption says "www ist voll die Drecksau !!!" which translates to "www is full of the bastard !!!".
  • This is how I roll: - an image of a man sitting down a wheelchair-esque contraption with a woman who is tied upside down and ball gagged in the front with a small flag (possibly attached to the bottom of a dildo/another sexual object) in her vagina or anus. The bottom text says "THIS IS HOW I ROLL".
  • - the site shows 2 GIFs. The first GIF features two men sticking their penises and thrusting inside of a watermelon. The other is similar but there is only one man and it is mainly focused on his waist-area (we are able to see the faces/upper bodies of the 2 men in the first GIF). The bottom of the page also includes an image of a man with his testicles shoved up his anus with the caption "LOOK AT ME MOM!".
  • Kickinthecunt: - the site shows a GIF of a person with blonde hair and wearing a black striped shirt kicking a naked woman's vagina with the song Kick in the Cunt from the movie Run Ronnie Run! playing. At the bottom of the video, it shows the text stating "See The Original Kick In The Cunt" which leads to the original video.
  • Nigga Flip: the site displays a GIF of a black man having sex with a woman against a couch. They are in a strange position and then he flips her and licks her anus/vagina. A black and white image of a blinking kid with a somewhat shocked expression floats around the website.

Showcase Videos[edit]

CENSORED: Danish HandshakeCENSORED: Press The Poo Button! CENSORED: Rave Musik


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornography!



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