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Kekma or known as Kekma Community is a community that started around in early December, they are mostly known for the site:

History[edit | edit source]

Some time before the 10th, the community was opened to the public, the unofficial Kekma Discord server started to collect Kekma fans from internet, and then the Kekma community was completely build up, now, the community first plan was to raid a subreddit: /r/notcursedimages by spamming a bunch of images leading users to enter the site:, Originally, the owner wanted to see if the site obtained any popularity.

According to the author himself, he said that there are "additional raids were performed on communities such as /r/webcomics, /r/adulting, and /r/the_cora, all with their own funny overreactions and rage. Each raid would often bring in hundreds of views, but usually under 400. This is believed to be from enraged Redditors actually buying that the site is an independent community and coming to strike back", Unfortunately, many funny reactions were never saved and were lost with time. Since then, multiple victims of the initial raids have deleted their accounts, been banned or removed their reactions after realizing they were trolling them.

Additionally, an unpopular site: was also spammed with these images on numerous occasions, Some raids were could not be screenshotted, such as replacing random links in the wiki with links to a site The final result of the raid was that the plan was a success again, the raid has attracted approximately 300 people. Dreamwidth's front page was also completely flooded with links, but it resulted in a negligible amount of views.

Shock sites[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

Once opened, the website displays an 18+ age warning, After clicking that button, forces the user's bowser into fullscreen, and displays NSFL content, the first one is a picture of a skinned dog hunged up on a tree, and the other one is a looping video of a man forcing a large, bloodstained industrial screw down his uretha, he then shoots a fountain of blood after he pulled it out, the latest version of the site now displays a picture of a man with his face smashed in by a bear followed by a baby with Harlequin Harlequin Ichthyosis as a background while the video is still maintained.

Prior to March 13th, 2020, this video was instead a medical recording of pork tapeworm cysts being squeezed from a human liver, and also the cursor is a deformed-looking 4 penis with blood on it representing the swastika Flag.[edit | edit source]

The website consists of two sections. The first section of the website welcomes the user to a mundane front page: a blue background with a repetitive patterns consisting of the Venus symbol (♀) and a PNG of a silhouette of a woman with the caption "ENTER", followed up with "This website contains stories of female empowerment. Some of these stories may upset or offend sensitive users. This site is unsuitable for children! 18+ ONLY.".

After clicking on the enter button, the site goes fullscreen with a video compilation of women being tortured, mutilated, and killed to a midi of Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman." The video also contains images and clips of extreme illnesses, including but not limited to breasts that have rotted and filled with pus due to cancer and severely maggot-infested vaginas.

The website was originally planned to be a bait and switch website against Black Lives Matter called brownaction. The website would have included borderline malware, but the website was changed to what it currently is due to the original idea being infeasible

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