The Execution of a Tajiki and a Dagestani

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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
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The Execution of a Tajiki and a Dagestani also known as The Russian Neonazi Beheading Video, is a beheading video filmed by Russian skinheads belonging to a neo-Nazi group, the video was uploaded on August 12, 2007, on the LiveJournal blog platform of the user vik23, and the video was previously believed to be false, although it was later shown that the video was a real murder.[1]


The video begins with the flag of the third reich, Then the camera pans over a rural (or suburban) summer landscape and the credits appear "NSPR operation for the arrest and execution of two settlers from Dagestan and Tajikistan. 2007". The exhibition ends with a forest landscape on the banks of a river or a reservoir. In the next scene, the camera zooms in on the faces of the future victims: they are both young. They are tied up and lie on the ground in a swallow position (arms and legs tied behind the back), Then both victims go to kneel under the Nazi flag and, one by one, calmly say: "We were arrested by Russian national socialists". The camera then zooms in on the face of the first victim. Behind him stands a camouflaged man, A cry: "Glory to Russia!" is heard, after which the killer begins to chop off his victim's head in quick motions. The action is accompanied by the sound of the spine being sawn. Later, these sounds are drowned out by the music of the electric guitar. The unidentified camouflaged man turns the body over and places the severed head on top of the decapitated body. The head rolls down and falls to the ground. Second murder: the bound victim is shot at close range in the back of the head, and the body falls into a pit dug in preparation, after which two masked men perform the Nazi salute. The video ends with a shot of a concrete wall with the inscription "NSPR".




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