The Book of Bobert

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The Book of Bobert is a short film/screamer video that has a storyline, created by Hatonacat and published to YouTube in January 8th, 2011.

The storyline focuses on Bobert as the protagonist. During the year 2012, the world was ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, and Bobert lost everything, including his family, pets, money, and many more. This drives him to seek vengeance on the zombies. The text then appears: "The Book of Bobert" and is replaced by the text: "Log #42", before the film begins.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Direct by: Alex
Script by: Alex
Story by: Alex, Ryan
Edited by: Alex
Starring: Ryan as Killer Zombie
Programs Used: Windows Movie Maker (Sucks)
Sounds from

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: the following video contains a screamer!


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