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In 2019, in the regular Screamer Wiki, there is that article that I found very weird and strange, in this Discussion, only created because there are some people may have probably recognized the detail of the screamer, or maybe not, I will explain a few details so you can figure out what it was.

The first one is called "Pizza Time", this one contains the gruesome image, the video starts with a stock photo of a pizza with pepperoni and some toppings, and the video later cuts to a picture of a man's face ran or smashed over by a vehicle or a machine, along with an audio of an extremely loud scream, and the conclusion of the article was the creator got terminated for violating the rule, this leads the video to be removed as well, and his pointless videos, the article didn't get imported on the wiki, I don't have a link, although there are no archives of the link as well, due to the video is below 5,000 views or more, I've been searching this video for 1 year now, if someone has the link please link it on the comment section, or recreate the video.

This screamer i've discussed almost resembles the Tacos3921 video. --SkyBlueCat (talk) 14:23, 19 January 2021 (UTC)

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