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[[File:Nlg.png|thumb|Title screen]]'''The Never Ending Level Game''' is a flash game by Clarence Ball. The latest version was released in early 2010 and contains 300 levels, but earlier versions were released as early as 2005 and contained significantly less levels. The earliest known version, for example, included only 75 levels, with later versions continuously adding more, hence the name. The game contains a [[screamer]] at level 113.
The object of the game is to figure out how to get to the next level, which usually involves a password. The first few levels are extremely simple and flat-out tell the player how to proceed, while the later levels contain progressively more difficult clues, which eventually require an extreme amount of creativity and lateral thinking, to the point that they may even require the player to open additional applications or to play around with the flash menu in order to proceed.

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