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This website uses browser exploits and tricks like the 'onmouseover' and 'onclick' functions to ignore pop-up blockers and spawn windows containing shock content moving around fast. Some people say that there were variants containing actual malware, but this could never be proved. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other IE-based browsers are known to handle the website very poorly and may cause the entire device to crash.{{Cite}}
There are some versions that use a script known as 'StatsMeasure,' which leaks the clipboard data to the Internet. Newer versions of Last Measure used a Java applet known as 'CoffeeMeasure' that spawns a lot of Java application windows moving around the screen. The Unified version of Last Measure contains lots of other shock images from [[Encyclopedia Dramatica]] , like [[The Pain Series]], . the external website is added at the [[Offended]] page.
Due to the extremely malicious behavior of all Last Measure versions, people that visit a site containing the script often think their computer is infected with a virus. Many internet browsers today may not execute all of the scripts or warn when some of the script portions are about to be executed, however it may still cause temporary ruination. For example, on Safari it can still turn the browser into a fork bomb by opening mIRC and the default email client in a loop which causes the computer to slow down or even crash. There is a version of Last Measure that also uses code from the infamous JavaScript Trojan "Offiz" known as "You are an idiot" which presents the well-known Flash application called "rgb.swf": an 8-bit version of [ Axel Foley] from [ ''Beverly Hills Cop''] film series with bright flashing RGB colors in an attempt to trigger an epileptic seizure.

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