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Happy November?! Well, whatWhat's happening Screamer Wiki this month in screamersNovember? Here's your newsletter.Well here you go!
==Community and the Screamer Forums==
Something that keeps this site back is the lack of community, which FANDOM did really well. The forum, which was originally located at [[Special:WikiForum]] (because of low viewership), has been disabled.
*The screamer forums will be moving to located at [] in the near future. You may have to have a separate login for the forum, but that is very unlikely.
*The new forums will run off of PHPBB.
**User rights will work differently there.
This was a planned change for a few months, but I, personally, never got to it.
==Domain Change?==
Another change that is very possible change is the move to [http://Screamer.Wiki Screamer.Wiki]; currently it redirects here.
This was a change that [[User:Sumpy|Sumpy]] and I were both kind of thinking about; I was doing some testing last with the [[]] with how that would work, however, it did not quite work out that well (today, we are good) and I kind of forgot about this because of school happened.
As for the Screamer forums and for, those will probably move to or Also, will still work just like normal.

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