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There's an alternative box saying "''If you believe (said article) violates Federal Law then please click here to report it immediately. The FBI have offices around the world and can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year.''" in 2018, there's a new web page called [[Reporting Un-Islamic Content]], which shows montage of some pro or neutral Islamic-Related photos.[[File:Offendedbox.png|thumb|300x300px]][[File:BoxAlternative.png|thumb|300x300px]]
The article starts with a montage of five images of the ''Limecat'' meme, a baby rabbit, a baby duck, a chick, a baby seal lion, a dog, and finally, a deer and a rabbit. After the last image, it starts showing a very long montage of gruesome images involving pornography, dead people, gore, mutilation, diseases, unborn babies, cannibalism, trypophobia and so on, the site also includes various disgusting fanmade images of various popular franchises such as ''[émon Pokémon]'', such as one with a rammed Pikachu on it.
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