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Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided.

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The article should follow the Manual of Style (MOS) guidelines. Please review and fix any issues accordingly. was a screamer collection website that is known for hosting MJBDiver's screamers.

It was hosted by FDOI, a DVD creation, production and distribution company, it was hosted by Martyn Cruise, who lives in Bath, UK, he is interested in pursuing a career in movie production (which are uploaded to his FDOI website)[1] this site was apart of his creation, it was linked into his Main Page of and described it as "A collection of scary flash movies", Martyn used to be on, and later moved on to FDOI.[2]


The website was founded in 2004, and it hosted 17 screamers in total. There was a rumor that MJBDiver was Martyn's friend, but there is no proof of this. Furthermore, the site hosted What's Wrong?, Say It, The Fact About Sajjad Ali, Cherubs (also known as Movie), Subliminal Music and Images (also known as Subliminal), Where's Waldo?, and more.

In 2007, he redesigned the website, which is vastly different from the previous version, and hosted two of MJBDiver's screamers: Official Radio and Meeting of the Ghost; the site was later moved to

The site, of course, was later discontinued along with his other sites, due the original site being parked.[3]



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