Racoon Eating Grapes

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Raccoon eating grapes is a 15 second switch and bait video originally uploaded on YouTube and later to a website. The video/website features a small clip from raccoon eats grapes with his little hands which its goal is to trick the viewer into thinking it's a cute video (the website is made by Epicgamermoment and the video is by delsaraf)


when the viewer opens the website, the title of the website is "Watch this video that doesn't contain any jumpscare (or does it)" and it showcases a youtube video, which is titled "Racoon eating grapes (epilepsy and flashing lights warning)." When the viewer starts the video, the video shows the raccoon eating grapes video and then changes to the Jeff the Killer jumpscare


I created the website because i was bored and i wanted to make something scary and my idea was to make a screamer.when the website was first published it was just the jeff the killer jumpscare but then i found a small jumpscare edit on YouTube and decided to use it

Unused Stuff

The title for The website was "get jumpscared lol" which later got changed to "watch this video that DOENST contain any jumpscare (or does it)"

i was going to use Google Drive but i wanted to also credit the original creator so i did that


NOTE: The following video's contains a Really Loud screamer!

  • Original Video: youtube.com/watch?v=b5sFc7igLH4
  • Website Version: sites.google.com/view/racoon-eating-grapes/video
  • Gamejolt Mirror: gamejolt.com/p/epilepsy-and-seizure-warning-fw3aidvr



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