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This page is about a lost screamer. If you have a copy of the screamer, please link it here or in the comments.

Picture Gallery was a screamer that doesn't exist, but there is a detail of the screamer that is described below:

First, it shows some ordinary images while the song "80's music-Tainted love" plays in the background. After that, a text is displayed, reading: "Somethings wrong with the 4th picture… can you spot it?", After a few seconds, A man with a ripped up mouth and eye, as well as long, red hair, appears with a high-pitched scream. Then a picture of a ripped off face hanging from a hook appears, along with a high pitched scream, the message then follows up: "HAHAHAHA!!!! LOLOL I GOT U!!!! YOU ARE THE DUMBEST PERSON EVER BECAUSE U WATCHED THIS!!!! ROFL"

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