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Jump to: navigation, search is a screamer website created in 2012 by Wendigo.

The site designed to be redirected to when clicking on the black power button on's main page, When accessing the site, the site presents a black power button with blood next to it, and the user is told immediately to press it, which is clearly being typed.

When the player clicks the button, the user will be redirected to another subpage called "aaa.html", showing a flash animation of a girl with no eyes and wide mouth, along with a loud, echoing scream, It is the same screamer picture from What's Wrong?, although the scream is different.

The site has a hyperlink text: "Made by Wendigo" displayed behind the blood, indicating the owner of this site, the hyperlink supposedly leads to the creator's email.


The earliest archive state shows a page of "", a russian web hosting company, In 2014, the site later changed into a screamer, with the text at the top that states: "Хостинг для всех, домен в подарок: Хостинг сайтов - 72р. | Аренда сервера - 2250р. | VDS VPS хостинг - 270р.", which translates to: "Hosting for everyone, domain as a gift: Hosting sites - 72r. | Server rent - 2250 rubles. | VDS VPS hosting - 270r.", After a few months, the text was removed and the site continued for about 8 years.

Yandex Search Engine

If the site is searched through the Yandex search engine and look at the search results, a message will be attached to the link to the site: “Just don't go here. Do not. Otherwise, fear will consume your soul!" It is noteworthy that this does not work with the Google search engine: there will be a message which states "Рейтинг Made by Wendigo".


After 360 seconds (6 minutes), the website automatically redirects to a flash file titled: z0r-de_332.swf from The flash file is a man dressed up in a mouse costume turning his head and facing the camera with a grin. The image freezes and the color turns red, shortly after that, text flashes which reads: "I'll Kill You" appear. It is a screamer from The screamer link does not work anymore and instead has text which reads: "404 Site is not served on this interface".


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!




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