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Morshu Scary Pop Up is a screamer video created and posted onto YouTube by a user Caius OOF on Feb 16, 2021.

The video starts with 2 remastered cutscene of RTX Morshu, the first one was him saying: "Lamp oil, Rope, Bombs, you wan't it? it's yours my friend as long as you have any rubies", then, the second cutscene comes up, with him saying "Sorry Link, I can't give credit! Come back when you are a little...", After this, he was about to say: "Hmmmm.... Richer", but however, a final part of Little Dancing Girl interrupts the video before he could say it.

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NOTE: The following video contains a Screamer!


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one month ago
Score 1++
can you jsut take effort in your videos very seriously instead of making this type of videos with no effort whatsoever, i mean, its 2021, you have to improve.
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