Lucia Joaquin

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Lucia Joaquin
Maker: Scaryforkids
Type: GIFs
Release date: 2007

Lucia Joaquin is a screamer GIF hosted at 'scaryforkids, it is another one of those moving fake pictures that makes viewer think its just an still image.

The GIF depicts a pale, uncomfortable woman's face, this persists for 20 seconds, until she will change into an ugly monster with rotten teeth and a deformed eye, then she will change back to normal like nothing happened, since GIF's don't have sound usually, there will be no scream, regardless of what version the user has seen, the woman in the image was rumored to be Lucia Joaquin, the image was popular(not because she was scary, she was used as a profile pic to make the user uncomfortable while seeing), in addition to this image was her actual name is unknown.

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NOTE: The following picture contains a screamer!


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