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L33thaxor.tk was a shock site registered on 2006, After a long closure, the website is now closed.

The main page of the site displays a picture of a naked man sitting on the toilet, covered in his own feces, as well as eating them, with a crudely drawn text bubble above him that reads "This is where years of hacking w/ Sub7 has got me", The site was circulating around the internet since the 2000s, the domain was meant to mislead people thinking the website is relating to a collection of game hacks or an old internet meme,

The word "haxor" is a joke term that apparently describes script kiddies, who is an unskilled player who uses scripts or programs to cheat, the term "L33t" means leet, that describes someone who is very good at what they do, in the YTMND version of this site, in which the text is set to "L33T HAXOR PWN YOUR ASS!", along with farting noises in the background.


NOTE: the following shock site contains pornography!

  • leethaxor.ytmnd.com
  • 'web.archive.org/web/20070529043142/l33thaxor.tk/



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This one's pretty funny NGL
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