Jesus Hating Pervert Ghost (1970s)

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Jesus Hating Pervert Ghost
The room where the haunting in the video took place.
Maker: Unknown
Type: Commercial
Release date: 1970s

Jesus Hating Pervert Ghost is a rare video of supposedly a satanic demon/ghost from supposedly the 1970s doing a bunch of strange things to the bedroom of a Christian's bedroom, The only known existing source of this video was from the 2007 video, Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!! But this video has been proven to be older than that, and there are numerous re-uploads on YouTube of it.

It starts out with a bedroom with a picture of Jesus Christ on the bedside table, a lamp, a cane, a dresser, a black shadow, and a closet with a clock and we hear radio noises/murmuring in the background as well. Suddenly the clock going counterclockwise. Then we hear a weird sped up an audio clip for 1 second in the background. Then suddenly the clock starts going in random directions, making pauses, and even shaking as well until it eventually falls over.

Then suddenly from out the dresser opens and then a piece of underwear comes floating from it and it gets thrown onto the closet and then falls over. It then cuts again and we hear the same sped up 1-second audio clip again, then suddenly ink gets suddenly spilled onto the Jesus picture as we hear a vacuum cleaner going off in the background as the picture continues to leak.

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


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