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Maker: SkyBlueCat
Type: Website
Release date: January 4, 2021

Home is a screamer webpage created by SkyBlueCat, hosted on Neocities in January 4, 2021.

When accessing the site, the main page of the site presents a dark background with some text stating "Welcome to your home", followed by another blue-colored text: "Take me", clicking the blue text, at which point leads to another subpage, all of the content of the page is super-empty, the site includes a youtube video uploaded by the creator, The video starts with a dark living room, depicting an open window, a table, and a couch, with some Japanese text, in typing animation, here's all of the text shown in order: "あなたが座ってリラックスするあなたの家へようこそ、心配する必要はありません、あなたには何も起こりません........", "あなたは暗い部屋にいて、ただリラックスするためだけに周りに人がいない…", "ねえ....私はあなたに質問があります....あなたの後ろに誰かがいます-",

in English, this translates to: "Welcome to your home where you sit and relax, don't worry, nothing happens to you........", "You are in a dark room and there are no people around you, just relax...", "Hey... There's someone behind yo-", however, the word "you" is abruptly interrupted by an image of Jeff the Killer with Smile-jpg's grin, accompanied by the same scream from SCP-450, the creator apologize afterward.


NOTE: the following website contains a screamer!



Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

16 days ago
Score 0++
I love your pages skybluecat!
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