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Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod (commonly abbreviated as GMod) is a sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios that was released on November 29, 2006. The game originally required Half-Life 2 to play; however, it is now a standalone game.

When you Search Steam Workshop Like "Scary Maps, Horror Maps" Type Maps made Coop Multiplayer and Also you can playing Alone Single Player. This Part May Contains Screamer witch part Enter Room with Trigger Jumpscare and Other Maps some Scary Easter Egg can be found.

Scary Maps and Horror Maps[edit]

Scary United Coop[edit]

Scary United Coop Is a Coop Maps Multiplayer Needed to Join 2 Players in this Server to Solved Puzzles.

First thing player goes trough Ground Room inside the Box When Seen the Box Appearing Screamer Sounds, Box Pushing at You, Exploding Particles Effect, and Glowing Red. Cant Going back from this room and now is Locked After Passing Trough to Corridor Next door they Appearing Zombie Moving Forward Faster and Teleport to Spawn.

After That Side wall was Unlock if you seen this a Wardrobe when you going Sudden Wardrobe goes Dropped and Creepy Sound Effect Played Very Quiet from Far Away Ambient. Next a Darkness Room when you going First Door from Left Appearing NPC Poison Zombie to trying Kill Him. First Right Door Trigger Delay One Seconds they Spawned 2 NPC Poison Zombie and then Making Trap Locked by Bricks delay 5 Seconds was Unlock. This Part First Version Last Door from Left and seen People Sitting and Then going Close They look at him Quickly and then he Killed Player and Back to Respawn at Very Beginning.

Next Yellow Room with Green Floor there a Small Bathroom without any Stuff and Almost Filled Blood from Floor. When Someone Player Enter this Room it will 3 Seconds Delay Appearing from Outside Room Screamer Sounds, Corpes Body, Exploding Particles Effect, and Glowing Red.

Second Change Part when You Seen on Right Side there Sitting People Then Disappeared in this Seconds and From Behind Locker theres a Blood from Ground when you touch it they Squash by Locker Makes Player Instant Death.

Next theres a Room Going from Right Side Inside Cafeteria Theres a NPC Fast Zombie Attack You With Screamer Sounds.

In this Classroom with 4 Piramid Symbol on Chalkboard after Though from Middle a Gman Standing from Near Chalkboard Then Disappeared in this Seconds without Screamer and All Chair Moved Self.

Next Room with Blue and Brown Interior. When player Step in to a Brown Interior with Breen Table they Appering again Screamer (this footage it cannot seen in this video because another player get scared from behind)

From this a puzzle part you will needed to finding "4 Piramid Symbol" to Open this a Wall

After Passing Long Corridor here comes a take place like beginning player goes trough Ground Room at Same Room but There some different. Box was Moved When smashed behind the wall says "IT'S A TRAP",Corridor was Moved after Next Room, some Blood Trails, and Door from Left into Next Room. Thing is happend again Trigger by Blood Trails near Door Appering again Screamer Same thing. After this Door from Right and Taking this a Stairs at middle part some Zombie Models Pop up and Player Killed by Trigger Hurt

This Final Part 2 Player Must be Escaped with 3 Button. Pressing can be Open the Door and Avoid the Trap to Killed this Player. After Finished theres Hole Entery into The End Screen With Message. After few seconds will be Appearing What's Wrong? and Screamer sound Very Loud Replaced The End Message and Taking Rest The End of the Maps. When Killed Player After Screamer will be Respawn and Back to The End Message. And also you can Hitting this Message by Weapons, giving a Bleeding Blood Effect.

Hell Resort[edit]

It's a Another Coop Maps Multiplayer and Also you can playing alone Single Player

Started from Map there some Message when You pressed to started this map Player Instant Death by Trigger Hurt and Respawn from begin of the map.

At this where you spawned from this map there some door with letter from top says "Storage" inside there 6 garage door and pentagram symbol. When you though it there some all door was opened inside box and after few seconds there Box trying hit some player with Screamer sound to Heared.

Next to Player need goes to door and there's letter from top says "Rooms 1-6" When you opened there a "Zombie Body" then Disappeared very faster.

When player after passing from front you will see prop and when trigger getting closer the Prop suddenly Destroyed and some strange sound.

During this Room and going to bathroom there some "Black Body" Moving Forward faster though to The Player.

After Player needs to find Code from Devil of Flower there some blue door to goes ahead with 2 pentagram symbol and downstairs. However when you touch downstairs appearing Screamer Face from What's Wrong? and Screamer sound Very Loud.

At the final part Storage room was Unlocked or though using noclip cheat, there some holes to ground and will be Chased by Black Creature when you get One hit player has been killed and respawn. After this you will need to get code to unlock these door. Will be finished there come some credits and end of the map.

In Current Version this map it has rules at started map player it could be teleport in started map instead instant death and also weapons, item , command, and noclip cheat was disabled

Screamer, Screamer v_2 & anotherscreamer[edit]

It's a Short Map but Screamer Appearing after Next Door this a Bad Creator Giving Tricky some Player. It can be found "Horror_collection" Workshop Files.

First Screamer Maps it Taken Placed Corridor Completely Empty Room it has Left Turn when you goes End of Distance they appearing Burned Body with Screamer Sounds Very Loud and Really Sure theres no way to going into left and Taking Rest The End of the Maps

Screamer_v2 it a Second Screamer Maps and Taken Placed Yellow Room When as You can Seen a Wooden Door it Open Normaly However when you going a Darkness Alley Near Door an Picture Gman Face Texture without Eyes With Screamer Very Loud Same Used Previous Sound and Will Taken Trigger Cutscene Camera and Rest from End of Map. It can Been Seen Screamer Box from Front After Door from Outside of Map Using Noclip.

anotherscreamer This last of Screamer it Taken Placed Corridor it has fully Props with Next Door from Front. When you Pressed to Open Door an Picture White Face No Eyes from What's Wrong? Box Room With Screamer Very Loud Same Used Previous Sound and Will Taken Trigger Cutscene Camera Forever and Rest from End of Map. It can Been Seen Screamer Box from Right Side Wall Using Noclip.

Scary Easter Egg from Other Maps[edit]


gm_bigcity is one of, if not the most popular map of all time. It was posted on

File:Place screamer from gm bigcity.jpg
The building with the "Cafe Baltic" sign and the door

November 1, 2012 by "Bigwig" with currently about 2 million subscribers.

When you spawn in the middle of the map, there is the building not too far away. Pressing the 'USE' key right in front of the door causes you to get pushed back as a Stalker scream rings in the background.

This page is currently under construction

There's more many map contains screamer from Garry's Mod can be found from Steam Workshop will be needed to help to finished soon from Stub Article

YouTube Gameplay[edit]

As YouTuber Playing Garry's Mod Multiplayer with Friends as Coop Trying Playing Scary Maps With Facecam, and Commentary. Some player gets react by Screamer. Most Famous Like: LordMinion777, VanossGaming, Markiplier, Yamimash, And VenturianTale


NOTE: The following links contains screamers!

  • (Game required to installed)
  • (Scary Maps Pack included First Version of Scary United Coop)
  • (Scary United Coop FIXED)
  • (3 Screamer Short Maps and Included 3 Other BEWARE AN "WHATS WRONG" SCREENSHOT PICTURE.)
  • (Hell Resort FIXED)
  • (gm_bigcity)
  • (Easter egg of gm_bigcity) started first step watch player where you going and watch at 0:33 for moment screamer.
  • (Multiplayer Gameplay "Scary United Coop") Screamer appeared 1:36 , 2:07 "Same thing happend on Previous" , 2:14, 4:50, 6:27, 7:19, 12:35, 14:57, (27:43 "This moment get screamer face")
  • (Multiplayer Gameplay "Hell Resort") Screamer appeared 1:27, 1:54, 2:07, 3:05, (6:58 "This moment get screamer face")



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