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Garry's Mod
Maker: Facepunch Studios
(Published by Valve)
Type: Sandbox game
Release date: 2006

Garry's ModWikipedia's W.svg (or commonly abbreviated as GMod) is a sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve in 2006, founded by a game developer Gary Newman. it's a physics-based sandboxed game where people get to make build their own games by simply modifying up some props in their game. and also has a programming language called "Lua" which is required to make a video game. As of 2018, it later became a standalone game in most recent releases.

Garry's Mod was originally a mod for the game Half-Life 2, but was later made into a standalone release in 2006. Owners of the game are also given the choice to post mods to the Steam Workshop where players can subscribe to works created by users to help modify the game in any way, whether it be with a player mode or a simple model change. When you search "scary maps" or any kind of game that has "horror" in their title, Horror games sometimes allow multiplayer or singer player, Some parts will trigger several jumpscares which count as a screamer and also may contain flashing lights. There are some Easter Eggs can be found.

Scary Maps

Here's all of the list of horror maps in GMod.

Scary United Co-op

The Map.

Scary United Co-op is a multiplayer server that requires to join 2 players on this server to solve the puzzles within the map.

In the first map, the player has to walk until encountering a crate which appears to be making weird sounds while pushing them, the player can't return from the room and was locked after the corridor, When the player opens the door, they are greeted by zombies which pops-up briefly, When the player dies, and of course, they respond at the beginning and go back where they supposed to do, However the player can still continue.

After the sidewall was opened, there is a closet, getting close it will play a weird noises which came from Far Away Ambient. in the darkroom there are 2 doors, in the left door, a zombie will show up, the player can continue running away from the zombie, although there are no paths to get away, the right door spawns 2 radioactive zombie next to the player. the second trigger will lock the trap to assist the player from getting chased from them, In the next yellow room, the ground is colored green and there is a bathroom with a blood coming out at the top, entering the door reveals a corpse on the ground, along with a loud scream.

In the second change part, where the player is seen with 2 people on the couch, they vanished afterward, and a bloodstain appears on the floor, which kills the player instantly, next part, there's a room on the right side of the Cafeteria, when entering, an NPC Zombie appears and starts chasing the player immediately, accompanied by extremely, loud scream, in the classroom, there are a 4 pyramid symbol on the chalkboard within the middle, there is a NPC of Gman from Half Life series, standing next to the chalkboard, if the player gets close, he disappears, and the chairs moves briefly, In the next room which of a blue and brown interior, Upon stepping on the brown Interior, the figure immediately appears again along with a loud scream.

From this puzzle part, the player must need to find "4 Pyramid Symbol" to open this a Wall.

After completing the long corridor, there is a place where the player has to progress through the same ground room, by moving the box carefully without dropping it, the same thing will happen again when the box is touched behind the wall, which reveals a text written on the box that states: "IT'S A TRAP", and the player was teleported into the next room with a blood trail, the player must follow where the bloodstains is coming from, After some walking, the bloodstains appears again and the player must follow this until encountering a door, which leads to the screamer again, After the jumpscare, the player will have to walk down stairs, but at the middle part, a Zombie appears in a close-up action and kills the player.

In the last part, 2 players are told to press 3 options, all of these buttons opens the door, after completing, there is a path to the end screen, along with a message: "But it's a trap!", However, if the player continues running, a picture of a face from What's Wrong appears along with a loud scream, and the player can now actually go to the end screen.

Hell Resort

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