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Devin Millar (born April 6, 2000 (2000-04-06) [age 23]) is an American musician, artist, animator, comedian, singer/songwriter, and YouTuber. In the case of the screamer and horror community, he is very popular for his countless contributions to it.


Devin Millar is multi-talented and is known for doing many projects throughout his career.

Outside of the horror community mainly does nostalgic-style Eurodance and EDM, as well as pop music. He also does animation and artwork for his projects, as well as to match his sexualized Looney Tunes-themed aesthetic. He also has a very feminine and childlike appearance, which is somewhat of his trademark. He also sings in a lot of his music in a childlike and operatic voice.

He is against double standards and is inspired by artists in the Eurodance genre.[1]

Horror Culture

Besides his music, art, and animation which is what he's already widely known for, he is also known for doing a lot of scary videos in his career in the horror video genre. Runs a couple of Major YouTube channels where he hosts his content. Which is Finder Lurker, I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4, Strange World, and The Feelings of Danger.

Finder Lurker is a parody channel in which most of its videos are made to be a parody of a "lost media" archive channel. Sometimes memes are posted. He was most widely known in the screamer community for creating the Finder Lurker's K-fee Parodies.

I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4 and SeeLight4Guy videos are supposed to resemble horror-like amateur videos, screamers, Creepypasta lost episodes, and psychological videos.

The Feelings of Danger are videos that contain very little audio and contain encounters with spirits and scary monsters.

Personal life

Devin Millar was born in Vancouver, Washington, USA (Portland, Oregon) on April 6, 2000. He lives with his family in Yacolt, Washington. He keeps his personal life private.


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