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This page is about a lost screamer. If you have a copy of the screamer, please link it here or in the comments.

what is meme? (whats love) was a screamer video by YouTube user fanzorz1 on 2012.

The video begins with a song called What Is Love. The gif from the 1988 romantic film A Night at the Roxbury appears at the 16 second mark. It first replaced Chris Kattan's face with Epic Face, then Jim Carrey's face with Trollface, and finally Will Ferrell's face with Nyan Cat. The old Comedy Central logo displayed at the bottom right corner. However, at 3:38, a black screen with a loud scream appears, After the screamer, then it cuts to the image of Trollface on a black background as well as large white text that states: "PROBLEM OFFICER?", accompanied by a Vincent price laugh.

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NOTE: This following video contains a screamer!


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