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This page is about a lost screamer. If you have a copy of the screamer, please link it here or in the comments.

The Simpsons Comic: Find Ned Flanders In This Panel! is a screamer video published on YouTube by Crystal the Tanuccoon (also known as Mega Osodashi in this Wiki). Released on February 18, 2018, In November 2018, it was deleted along with Baikinman's Heartbeat.

The video shows a panel from The Simpsons comic book called "The Yes-Man Who Would Be King". It is similar to the Where's Waldo? screamer. The video forces users to find Ned Flanders in the comic's panel while a speed-up version of "Watch Out" by Bambee plays quietly in a background. When the video reaches 0:25, a white girl with large eyes, large pupils, and a bloody mouth (from Planet Dolan's "15 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said") appears along with an extremely loud scream.

After, a scene from the 1974 Perman episode plays when a pink text that reads "Fooled!" appear, then the text shifts to "Look for more videos on my Generation Star YouTube channel!". Both are accompanied by a chorus of "Call Me" by Babe, which is also speed up.

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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That was weird
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