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Computer Virus 000 is a screamer game created on October 5th, 2018 made by the developer ROBLOXNoob246.

About this Application[edit]

Computer Virus 000

The game opens with a login screen that looks like Windows. When you click "Guest", it logs in. When it loads the desktop, it looks like The windows one. However, all apps don't work. The email apps work. Clicking log off starts a payload to the game.


Logging off results in errors up to 50 coming up. Sometimes the error says "THE END IS NEAR". When the 50th Error comes up, it triggers a screamer playing sounds "2 to 6". After 1 and 10 seconds, the screamer turns black. and it stops.


  • The jumpscare says "SAY GOODBYE". Under it is "Tara."
  • The errors glitch when you leave it for too long.
  • The game ends in a black screen.
  • Even Though the game is actally "Computer Virus 666" remixed on There is a unused sound named "And you fail" in the debug mode's files. The sound is found in the jumpscares sounds. This is a leftover from Computer Virus 666.


NOTE: The following application contains a screamer!

  • • Download "Original or Debug"


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