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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.
Channel 5
The current Canal 5 logo
Maker: Televisa
Type: Hoaxes
Release date: 2020

Canal 5 is a Mexican free-to-air television network owned by Televisa,

The program is mostly targeted at a younger audience and includes cartoons, foreign series, and movies, along with sports events such as NFL games, boxing, Olympic Games, in April 4, 2020, some mysterious happened on the broadcast, and also their social media's including, YouTube, the incident was first noticed on Twitter of Canal 5, it was temporarily hacked by a hacker, and posts several montages of satanic-related or extremely bizzare stuf, alongside with creepypastas including Ingrate by Meatsleep, Clipo94.MP4, and others,

Some of them contain screamers, all of the Twitter posts are mostly labeled with zalgofied texts, to make it look weird and strange, however, on his twitter posts called "Selena", the video on the post is specifically a copy of Clipo94.MP4, the name of the post: "Selena", is a reference that abruptly occured on the broadcast television on the channel 5 in 22 years ago.

The kids are automatically redirected to the television broadcast which mentioned Selena Delgado Lopez, the image of her was a black and white photo of her mugshot, the image is found to be very unsettling to many children who are automatically lead to a TV show, and who we're actually watching a kid's show at midnight, there was no actual public record's of her, during this broadcast air.

When the picture is shown for a few seconds, the audio becomes silent, at which point the photo will change to a 3D gray-scaled computer figure staring at the viewer, the corrupted noises started to play, then resumes back to the normal image of her, she is also apart of the Mexican Urban Legend, and also there are some low-quality photograph included in the broadcast, including Pamela Martinez or Manuela Rosas.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • ScareTheater explaining the incident:


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