Butchered Girl

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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

Butchered Girl is a shock video or Snuff-film copyrighted, and possibly also made in 2011 because of its video quality, it was posted to Heavy-R in 2016.

The video begins with a nude redhead woman, and after a few seconds, a man dressed as a surgeon approaches her and proceeds to stab her in the stomach with a knife. The next scene shows them now in the bathtub, and he begins stabbing her vagina and stomach repeatedly. The woman soon begins to vomit blood. The video concludes with tragic music playing as she is left in her bathtub to bleed to death. The actors in the video are credited as "Chris B." and "Candee" respectively.


NOTE: The following snuff-film contain extremely graphic content!

  • heavy-r.com/video/249758/Butchered_Girl/



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