Bug Eater 2: Cockroach Eating Girl

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Bug Eater 2: Cockroach Eating Girl is a 2005 shock video directed by Yuji Kitano, in which shows a japanese woman played by actress Tomo Saeki who feeds on cockroaches along with her urine. Although not famous, it has shocked some netizens for its content and bizarre fetish, it is believed that the video is available on some pornographic sites over the Internet and is rare to find.


NOTE: The following video contains pornographic images!

  • video.golfdeboissec.fr/12137/creative-work-bug-eater-2-cockroach-eating-girl-2005-online-download.html



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should we delete this article? i mean, every videos based on disgusting fetishes, clearly explains like this, if 2 people agree, then this article will be deleted.
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