Brazilian Rainforest Machete Massacre

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The following article contains content that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Brazilian Rainforest Machete Massacre also known as Revenge for Sneakers or Pikabu Boy is a shock video, filmed in March 2018. The video was very popular, and also many shock sites posted it, like GoreDB,,, and so on. In the video, you can see the executions of 2 girls: Danisel Bondo and Nara Aline, the second is mistakenly considered to be a little boy.


The video contains the execution of two girls by a Brazilian cartel.

Danisel Bondo - The girl is sitting in the forest and speaks Portuguese. Then we see her sitting in the mud, plaintively begging not to kill her, after that a shot is fired, but the girl survives. The operator approaches her. You can see her bloody face. The criminals start beating her with batons until she finally.

Nara Aline - The girl speaks Portuguese, after that the criminals take out machetes and start cutting her hands. The first blow does not bring injuries, which is why several more successful blows followed. She shows her bloody hand to the camera. Next, we see a girl sitting in the mud while her hands are cut off. The girl does not feel pain, so she was allegedly injected with drugs. The machete breaks, after which she is beheaded. Her body with her head, was thrown in a dirty river, where the body of Danisel Bondo also lies. In the river, you can see the female, lower half of the body, in jeans, which suggests that there were three victims, and the execution of the third girl remained behind the scenes.


In Russia, this video became a trend in TikTok, where it was claimed that Nara Aline is a 12-year-old boy who stole sneakers from a Brazilian oligarch, and Danisel Bondo is his mother, which is not true. In fact, they were abducted because Nara Aline betrayed the drug cartel. The bandits considered her friend Danisel Bondo to be a member of an enemy group, as a result of which she was abducted.


NOTE: The following shock site contain extremely graphic content!




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