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Ben.exe Remastered Is A Game Created By NayTeeGames That Is Based On The Ben Drowned Creepypasta.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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When You Install The Game You Will See A File Called "TLOZ-Majoras Mask"When You Open The File It Looks Like A Game Installer But After A Few Seconds The Text Becomes Glitchy For 2 Seconds And Then You Get Jumpscared By Ben Because You Freed Him.After That You Will Be Forced To Play 3 Minigames

  • Minigame 1:Ben Hides 3 Files In You're Computer That You Have To Delete,The Files Are "DROWNED.BEN"(Appears In The Documents Folder),"MAJORAS.BEN"(Appears In Dekstop) And "SAVEYOURSELF.BEN"(Appears In Music Folder) After That You Go To The Next Minigame
  • Minigame 2:A Game Similar To Minesweeper Where You Have To Make The Green Blocks Spell "BEN"
  • Minigame 3: Just A Maze

After That Ben Jumpscares You And Leaves You Alone.Opening The File Again Will Show Navi Saying "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU WERE FREE"Then She Breaks The 4th Wall And Before She Dies She Tells You To Open Task Manager,If You Open Task Manager BEN Will Kill Its Process And Jumpscare You.After That The Game Will Fade Away Revealing That You're Wallpaper Has Been Changed And Then A Windows Pops Up That Shows The Credits

References[edit | edit source]

  • Ben Drowned

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NOTE: The following Game Contains Jumpscares And Performs Specific Actions To You're Computer

  • The Game:

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