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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Legal Note
Please do not provide any links to this screamer/shock site since it is illegal to distribute in the vast majority of countries.
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1 Cat 1 Hotplate is a shock video that was made in China depicting a cat getting abused with a hotplate by burning his paws and then burning the entire cat afterward.


The video contains a hotplate set to 3000 watts that are placed on the concrete ground and a tripod that's seen throughout the entire video with a cat meowing for help in the background. After 25 seconds, the cat comes into the scene with his paws held by pliers. The cat then tries to resist his paw from getting his paw on the hotplate. After a few seconds, the top right paw is placed on the hotplate for 30 seconds straight, and he then proceeds to burn the bottom right paw with the hotplate this time for 18 seconds. A laugh is heard in the background off-camera. After some time, ashes start to show up on the hotplate. He then laughs and decides to burn the entire cat to a crisp as the cat tries his best to resist. After some time, the cat struggles to meow with his life coming to an end. No blood was seen throughout the video.



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