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This page is about a website which no longer exists.

***.on.nimp.org is a Last Measure website made in 2004, when the user enters the site, it displays gore, pornographic pictures with a extremely looped loud sound of a man saying "HEY IM LOOKING AT GAYPORNO!" the website also uses script will also try to open infinite tabs, you can put anything like. example: freevbucks.on.nimp.org, threepeaterpvz.on.nimp.org or "screamerwiki.on.nimp.org" will still lead to Last Measure


NOTE: The following websites contain extremely graphic images, and will also harm your computer!

  • anything.on.nimp.org



5 days ago
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you can type anything ends with .on.nimp.org

Anonymous user #1

3 days ago
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theres 8 scary sites but theres 196 porn sites get more scary stuff NOW!!!! get rid of that pornographic stuff 😡 XD


3 days ago
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tell me the name on 8 scary sites
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