Upgrade Complete II

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Upgrade Complete II

Upgrade Complete II is a Flash game made by Armor Games in 2011. The goal of this game is to upgrade everything in the game by controlling a spaceship and killing enemies, and gaining money by doing so.

However, when buying the Heart Rate upgrade, a flashing picture of a boy with a Photo Booth filter and a loud scream appears.

But after this game, a ultimate sequence of Upgrade Complete has appeared, it also has a secret jumpscare, but unlike the second, this already warns you in case you have heart problems.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • armorgames.com/play/11028/upgrade-complete-2



12 hours 22 minutes ago
Score 0++

but the game is broken i can't play this if you want to play this here is teh newgrounds link https://www..../view/567439



12 hours 21 minutes ago
Score 0++
wait what just happend to the smiley face
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