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This guide consists on how to write articles on the Screamer Wiki and to keep articles uniform-looking. Anyone can add to this.

Not following these guidelines will NOT get your account banned.

General page layout

The page should start with a few sentences about the screamer along with an infobox. Then, if necessary, you may break the article up into different sections. At the end of the page, there should be a "Links" section with a screamer note and an unclickable link.


<!-- ... --> means a comment. Things inside of those are not required when writing an article. This is how the page should look like in source editor.

<!-- Templates explaining the page -->


Opening paragraph about the screamer

More general detail about the screamer

===More Info if needed===
Things such as "history," "in popular culture," etc.

Image1.jpg|About the image
Image2.jpg|About the image

<u>NOTE</u>: The following game contains a [[screamer]]!

Quotation Marks and Quotes

Punctuation always goes inside the quotation marks except when using a colon or semicolon.

  • "Then, a voice reads "Ever been so wide awake? K-fee. Canned caffeine with coffee."
    • "...finally hear the sound signalling the arrival of Christmas day"; the sentence then gets interrupted by the same loud scream used in the other K-fee commercials.

I, You, We

Unless quoting someone, do not use these words.

  • Replace "Once we reach the third level of The Maze, the walls get thin and you reach the screamer at the end..."
    • with "Once the player reaches the third level of The Maze, the walls get thin and the player reaches the screamer at the end..."

Sexist/Genderist Language

DO NOT use "he" or "she" if the gender is neutral; instead (in order of recommendation), use "they" (change the sentence to be plural) "he or she," or "ze/hir" (best used upon a gender neutral character in a screamer, but people may not know what this pronoun is).

  • If the player presses the button on his keyboard...
    • If players press the button on their keyboards...
    • If the player presses the button on his or her keyboard...
    • If the player presses the button on hir keyboard...

Citing Sources

Generally, all work that can not be found out by the screamer itself should be cited.

There are no banned websites for citing sources. Just make sure you know that the piece is correct.

Links (For Real)

Screamer links should ALWAYS be non-clickable. This does not apply to other links in the article, nor censored screamers.
Make sure the link is indented with a bullet point. The description (only if needed) should be bolded and before the link itself, which should NOT be bolded.

  • - Weird 2009 version
    • Weird 2009 Version:

If the link is deleted, make the text strikethrough and note that the link was deleted.

  • Deleted:

Adding Controversial Shock Sites/Videos

If the video is still relevant, do not create an article on the Screamer Wiki about it.
Some governments block the video in the respective country (the Christchurch shooting is one example).

  • If the video is blocked in any country by the government, do not add a link.

If a video is VERY controversial (the Christchurch shooting, again, is one example), it will not be allowed on the wiki.


Adding humor is encouraged on the wiki. Just make sure that the joke actually makes sense. Look at RationalWiki and The Cutting Room Floor for inspiration. Also make sure jokes are not super offensive.

First Sentence

In most cases, the first sentence should start off with the name of the screamer in bold. Then a brief description of the year, the type (game, video, etc), and the maker should be added.

  • The Maze is a game created by Jeremy Winterrowd in 2005.

Periods, Commas, and other Punctuation

When making a list, always add the oxford comma. This prevents misconceptions with what is happening.


A screamer should never also be listed as a shock site, and vise versa.

Passive and Active Voices

Articles should tend to use the the Active voice instead of the passive voice.


Use of profanity is fine on all parts of the wiki uncensored, but obsessive profanity should be censored. Racial slurs should also be completely censored (with no hint to what the word would be) no matter what though.

Attributing the Creator

The creator of the screamer should always, if possible, be the creator's real name (if one person). If multiple people, the username or name of the company is okay.

Do not go too far (going through leaked databases (000webhost leak, etc)) to get somebody's real name, however, as that is doxxing.

  • Mentos + Yakult is a screamer created by Linboyz
    • Mentos + Yakult is a screamer created by Lincoln Lin Junhong (Linboyz)

What would count as doxxing

  • Going through leaked databases to find the user.
  • Going to a website such as which tells anybody about a person (address, phone number, e-mail, etc)
  • Blackmailing anybody.

What would not count as doxxing

  • The user posts his or her name on a YouTube video or publicly linked account.
  • The user is a completely public figure (or information has been released by Mainstream Media sources (1 Boy 2 Kittens would be an example of this)