No Pressure

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No Pressure

No Pressure is one of short films from the global warming mitigation campaign 10:10, written by Richard Curtis and Franny Armstrong, and directed by Dougal Wilson. making a short film containing more explicit content for younger audiences. 

First Scene

The first scene begins a bright and chirpy schoolteacher, played by Lyndsey Marshal, tells her class about the 10:10 campaign, and asks what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. She asks which of students are planning to participate; most raising their hands, two children haveshrug apathetically. The teacher has reassures them this is fine, it's absolutely fine, there is "no pressure", but then shifts the papers on her desk to reveal a red-button detonator, which she presses. The two children who did not want to participate explode, covering their screaming classmates with blood and body parts. then goes on casually to explain the night's homework to her horrified charges.

Second Scene

The second scene that shows a group of white-collar workers in an office meeting. The office manager similarly explains the purpose of the 10:10 campaign, and asks who will be participating. While most raised their hands, four raise their hands are unconvinced. The manager reassures them that there is "no pressure" to participate, he's then handed a detonator by an assistant, which he uses to blow up the four workers, splattering appalled co-workers with gore.

Third Scene

The third scene is setting on a football pitch during team training. The coach, played by David Ginola, asks the players to explain about the 10:10 campaign, the team is participating in. They are describe into a range of energy-saving measures which been implemented by the team and its fans. However, the coach remains unmoved, remarking the campaign would distract him from football. A player wants to tell him that there's "no pressure", produces a detonator and blows him up. Unlike the witnesses depicted graphic content in previous scenes, the team is not being surprised at all.

Fourth Scene

The final scene begins a brief interlude with captions explains about the 10:10 campaign, accompanied by music from Radiohead. after in the final scene, the actress Gillian Anderson is finishing the voice-over for the interlude just seen. The sound engineer asks her, what she is planning to doing to the cut her carbon footprint. Anderson irritably remarks that she was thought providing the recording as a sufficient contribution. The sound engineer repeats the film's catchphrase, "no pressure", and detonates Anderson before picking up to leave. the short film ends with a explosion shot of Anderson's gory remains sliding down the sound-booth window with the text "Cut your carbon by 10%. No pressure."


The video was removed after due to it's sparking controversy, the viral video for climate change campaign 10:10 that shows the students, actress Gillian Anderson and actor ex-footballer David Ginola being blown up for not caring about the climate change and the video has been removed from it's website after due to the sparking controversy[1].[citation needed]


NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!

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