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=== Twinklegallery ===
=== Twinklegallery ===
* This is normal gallery but if you click the corner button. Gallery master (same just like hachishakusama) appears with loud scream, kills her and you have a password "'''4181'''".
* This is normal gallery with 2 additional character image (the character i mean is mukadeobake and tamoru). You then realized that there is gibberish caption on gallery master photo until you click her photo, she then floats out from photo with loud laugh and you can kill her by shotgun (similar to old version) and there is a door (NO NEED A PASWORD)
=== Extra page ===
=== Extra page ===

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The image that redirects you. is a Japanese screamer website, it's also called Fancy Island (Japanese: ふぁんしーあいらんど).

This website starts being cute and normal, but when the player clicks the mimi image with the site's logo, the player is redirected to the same site, but now it has a black background and dai kamuro staring at the viewer accompanied by eerie ambiance playing in the background. When the player clicks on the image, yukie will pop up and crawl towards the camera along with a scream/moan.

This site strangely contains a story, and when the player goes deeply to it, the player will fight the final boss the Pieyama God and finally complete the "game". There are a lot of puzzles, mazes and different screamers on the website, mostly are totally unexpected. The game story is basically about heavy themes like paranoia, suicidal thoughts, and depression. It can be listed as "Utsu ge" (Utsu ge means "depressing game". The purpose of these types of games is to depress the player) or just as a typical horror game. Even if the site has lots of screamers, it can also be considered as a (horror) puzzle game since every part of the site has a puzzle.

On the famous Japanese video-sharing website Nico Nico Douga, Fancy Island/Lomando became an internet meme and is frequently used as a source in MAD videos (otoMAD/MAD videos are basically the Japanese YTPMV), there are lots of fanarts on Pixiv too.[1]

The site content

As mentioned earlier, before clicking on Mimi's photo, the site is just cute and normal. In addition, the site also has a panel just to introduce the "characters" from the game. It's design can change during New Year and Christmas, and the player can get a special event on the same day. However, it may seem harmless from the start, but there's actually some easter eggs on it. Those will be listed below.

  • If the player presses "skip" too many times on the character panel, a screamer will appear. The character description gets distorted and it will be replaced with only "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and the panel will turn black. Also, instead of a character picture, it will be an eye staring at the viewer along with a loud laugh.
  • CHRISTMAS EVENT ONLY: During Christmas, if the player clicks on the Santa Claus picture below the site, the player will be redirected to a flash animation. A Santa Claus saying "Ho ho ho! I will give a present for such good kid like you too!" in Japanese, and then Santa Claus gets distorted and a red ball goes to the camera. After this, a compilation of screamers pops up while the scream is singing Jingle Bells.
  • NEW YEAR EVENT ONLY: During new year, if the player clicks on the Mimi with a yukata below the site, the player will be redirected to another flash animation. Mimi is in a sanctuary while dressing a yukata, and tells that she will read the player's new year fortune if the player puts their donation in the box. After the player clicks on the box, Mimi will shake the cup and there will be two results: one is bad luck and one is good luck. If the player got good luck (white paper), nothing happens and the player can try again. However, if the player got bad luck (black paper), lots of screamers will pop up and after it, the player will be redirected to the "dark side" of the website.

And finally, if the player clicks on Mimi's picture, the player will be redirected to the "game". There is a list of every consequence for clicking on the buttons below the black-haired woman.

あsぢlんhckjdさ (Elizabeth)

Six elizabeth appear while a loud annoying laugh is playing in a loop. Clicking on one mask will result in at least one screamer, so be careful.

  • Akeru (First mask): Just a red-colored text that has no meaning at all because it is only made of Unicode codes. Two words of the text are highlighted in a darker red, which will redirect the player to another page. The first link is called "Picture matching door" (絵合わせ扉, lit. Eawase tobira), which is just a part of the game's puzzle. There's a door that each image of a doll has a different color. The second link is called イchi兎、ニホネ。松ム煤, no meaning at all. At this link there's a video called 壱ノ其トンヒノ為ム進 it has minor jumpscare the video shows borei running with japanese text that actually says "to the hint please check out for the hint for advancing that one between the dolls ahead"
  • Konkon (Second mask): Screamer. A konkon constantly banging in high speed on the player's screen. "Konkon" (コンコン) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for "bang-bang", "tap-tap" or "knock-knock".
  • Utsuru (Third mask): Has a screamer. A camera watching a room, and the time of the recording is the same as the clock on the player's computer. However, at 12:00 AM, security appears shaking but no sound
  • Ydad (Fourth mask): Has a screamer and flashing colors. There are two doors and 21babies being flipped while changing colors from blue, yellow, red and green at a seizure-inducing rate. Moving the cursor on the baby at bottom center will result in kasudo baby popping up, laughing.
    • Psycho (Left door): Has a screamer. The light will follow the player's mouse and, there are many doors that move in random directions. Opening a door with no door in it will result in a psycho to pop up and fly across the scream with a short screech. Every time a door is opened, the player's flashlight's battery will decrease. However, if a door is opened and has a door in it, clicking on it will take the player to a page with a red background and a YouTube video that is 0:26 minutes, titled "カメラが捉えた 恐怖の心霊映像" (lit. "Fear psychic images captured by the camera") . Once played, the video starts with an empty interior of a passenger train. J-ker briefly appears and disappears, walking through the screen. Static appears for a brief moment, then the j-ker appears walking out of the YouTube video and screams, thus leading the player back to the main page. NOTE: The player cannot actually pause, mute, buffer, nor set the video on fullscreen, as the video itself is not an actual YouTube video. The player also cannot change the volume of it either.
    • Shoko (Right door): A room with two bookshelves and a door at the center with the plate that reads "GALLERY" is shown. Clicking on the door will supposedly walk the player to there, but then the player would step on a trap and fall through it, thus getting impaled by the spikes.
  • Oiaaeptoiympe (Fifth mask): Has a screamer. A door where the player has to put a correct 5 digits code on it. If the player does too many attempts, a Healthy version of the character "dorodo" (not yet in the gallery) fills the screen along with a loud laugh. It actually isn't part of the game's puzzle and it's just a red herring. The correct code for this is "→←↓↓↑". Entering this code will make you click the door and you will leaded to asobinoma.html


The page has dot that same just like main.html. clicking on it will result in windows XP error. Clicking on X will make 5 of it appears. Clicking the last one will result in pieyama pie man pops up with loud scream and then he will challenges you (pieyama.html)


The fight will begin as he uses 3 skills (rock, paper, scissor) and you also have the same skill just like him. If it same will result in minor jumpscare where pair of eyes appear with laugh

  • Curse (Sixth mask): Has a screamer. Trigger warning: Suicide themes. An upside-down distorted character "purapura" (who appears to resemble Jeff the Killer) appears accompanied by a distorted signal loop with text upside-down that reads "NOTICE: This voice signal is a signal especially made for quality control. (It is not abnormal)" (お知らせ: この音声信号は品箕理用の信号であります。(異常ではありません)) If the player clicks on her 45 times, she will become more distorted and the player will be redirected to a screamer. A black page with a text about suicide appears and when it finishes, lots of Windows popups appear reading "If you want to be saved, then die..." (助かりたいなら死ね・・・) repeatedly, and then borei appears screaming while she brings her hands to the screen. The text before the screamer appears reads as follows:

My constant self-hatred makes me feel nauseous
If everyday I could compensate my 100% depression into 1% happiness...
Then living that day-by-day for more ten of thousands years could be good
Because I want to end every second of my pain
If living is nothing but unreasonable
Then I started to think that it's reasonable to die
To compete with people who want to die, to make problems, to have the necessity to take responsability, you don't need to worry about any of these anymore
Before death's eyes, everything about being alive is meaningless
For people that live helplessly, the meaning of "being dead is better" will make everything end
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...
If you want to be saved, then die...



Some red windows popups moving on the screen while one is still, the pictures are also moving. The background is red with some algaes on it. Clicking on one of these pictures will also result in at least one screamer.

  • eye (Blinking blue eye): Has a screamer. A red-colored text appears that reads: "† Voes ne roeiz † Hone kousen de veiuw oss, Yea joen ve reiso … Kazenu oudesu je teo. Lunio sa bietex … Yovari sare omgass heliz de deaoth ! … Sia orev "Oude hyunn syou de quesev je lunedix !" Obenu ouss re teven. Oupos soi raen 20% vasaiz… Vois ord je viex kogea delatte ou jute roela…", the text has no meaning since it's language is still unknown. On the left and on the right there's 2 betties , and below the text there's a red eye constantly blinking. Clicking on it will redirect the player to a page called "Yukan Boy's room" (also called as "yanyanyanyahn") and there's a YouTube video on it, and clicking on the video will result in a kuroageha crawling towards the camera and breaks the screen. If the player clicks on the broken screen, it will redirect the player to another page with another video, the correct answers are "あなたのうしろにいる" (lit. It's behind you) in the Japanese version, and "159422893159" in the English version. It is a part of the game's puzzle and it's not a red herring. After putting the correct answer, the player can enter a door, but it will have a screamer firstly and then another door appears.
  • 9gu0omn0obyea (A black heart beating): Screamer. A black corridor with a black door at the end. If the player clicks on the door, tamoru attacks the player with a knife and kills them. The player will be later redirected again to the website.
  • Nikki (Fancy Island Journal): Has a screamer. Trigger warning: Suicide themes. It is also called "Manager's Diary". It is a diary about a depressed person, who is probably Lomando's site manager himself. The diary express how he struggles to live and also about his crippling sadness. When the player is redirected from a screamer to this page, it won't be called as "Manager's Diary" but as "fake diary". At 5th note mandlake pops up with loud scream Every page of the diary reads below:

January 26, 2012 The dolls that are decorating my house are scary...

二○十二年 一月二六日


January 29, 2012 No, it's nothing.

二○十二年 一月二九日


February 1, 2012 I was suddenly born so I live as if I had no choice.

二○十二年 二月一日


September 17, 2012 I wonder if there's something funny. There isn't, right? For people who have a grudge against society and don't catch its funny things, a purpose in life won't come.

二○十二年 九月十七日





The following page contains a screamer. After a few seconds, a brown wrinkled face appears
along with a scream.
September 18, 2012 How can I put it, isn't stupid to be alive?
Do you want to live just by cutting your body and struggling with your problems?
Are you waiting for such good life to be sent to you?
For such good incident to have happened in my life...
I started to think that seems like happiness is just temporarily
After all, won't all the risk from behind come back anyways?
No matter what happens, in the end I will get stuck with more troubles.
As I do my best to get something
And after I get this "something"...
Then this time this "something" is going to afflict more troubles on me.
Such things like "other people" to me after all are just cute.
When I'm thinking about my status for my sake only, everyone is moving.
To save me, to be kind to be...these are just for the sake of their self-satisfaction.
That's why I'm just afraid to get at least a friend.
While I feel the surroundings of a large crowd of people having complex thoughts and carrying their values...
I thought, "how much time I could live a life that's not even very interesting?"
No matter how many times I try to stay alive, the stress makes me feel exhausted, and in the end it grows more at the point that I've become sick.
And then, the family that I trusted the most carelessly died.

二○十二年 九月十八日





二○十二年 九月十九日

ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ


September 20, 2012 My lifetime being just 25 years is good. At least people with 25 years old can imagine a close future.

二○十二年 九月二○日



September 21, 2012 Yesterday I had a dream about me constantly slicing my tongue off with a peeler.

二○十二年 九月二十一日


September 22, 2012 Every day and every day, If I could at least turn 90% of my troubles into 10% of happiness... At this way, it seems like I'm just always cheating to live If I don't think that I can handle this anymore, I could just... I think It's better to me to die.

二○十二年 九月二十二日





September 24, 2012 "Youu~ already dieed~ at one's poost~"

二○十二年 九月二十四日


TRANSLATOR NOTE (MoekaChiina): In the japanese version the text is full in hiragana. When a text is
all in hiragana, it looks childish or shows how someone is getting insane/crazy.
Hiragana isn't also the correct form to write a full japanese sentence, so I made it
sound wrong in the english version too. The last sentence is typed correctly because
in the japanese version there's kanji and proper grammar. October 1, 2012 so thats what happiness is. i cant Stop grinning. im getting so happy. From now on I feel like I can finally fly to the sky (^^)

二○十二年 十月一日





December 22, 2012 CURSE. The indigo-colored and disturbing decomposition smell is unsupportable, right? CURSE. By the way, I have a feeling that I heard it from various places. CURSE. Why in the moments I'm enjoying the decomposition smell I'm using a puffin for it?

二○十二年 十二月二十二日




June 4, 2013 Everyone, please, be happy for me.

二○十三年 七月四日


June 12, 2013 I wanted to watch Keizoku for a long time. The opening is really great.

二○十三年 七月十二日



September 10, 2013 I don't even have a reason to live But I have many reasons for wanting to die

二○十三年 九月十日



September 23, 2013 Because I am alive, I get worried, I have to go through this pain, and I have no choice but to be in trouble Is it possible to have happiness everyday? Even if it's possible, you know... It would be just another little happiness that isn't to the same degree as my everyday troubles With just a single rope and mere seconds I don't have to feel sad for a long, remaining time

二○十三年 九月二十三日








  • Profile (Distorted black and white picture): Has a screamer. A profile of a person, that according to the website, it's the profile of Lomando's website manager. Some white hands are moving towards the picture. If the player clicks on the picture, it will redirect the player to a flash of a sinitai wobbling her head andd text that randomly appears reading "I want to die" (死にたい) while static sound played.

jかhfしおうお。あsd (Heven)

  • The background is red and has a lot of fake cursors (that confuse the player) that follow the player's cursor, as well as a door in the middle of the screen. If the player clicks the door, namakubi no onna drops down to the center of the screen from the top-left corner. If the player takes too long, shinshutsukibotsu appears along with moan and banging , as the player then gets sent back to the main page. It also knows when the player is cheating. Any attempt to cheat a screamer will pop up.

In new version, shinshutsukibotsu not exist but namakubi no on'na jumpscare still occurs when you click on the door

dヴぃおkhjcdslkふぇ (Eden)

  • The same thing has Heven, except the background is black, and the door can be clicked on. taking too long will also result in shinshutsukibotsu appearing the same way, sending the player back to the main page. Different of the "Heven" page, the player can cheat on it. In new version of eden, there are 2 doors, one will lead you to frustating stick (possibly maze game refrence) and if you cheat (using old trick) will make Ellis pops up with loud laugh

うヴぃうhdぱs (Paradisky)

  • There are two doors to click on. If the player clicks on the the left door, it will show a paper with the four-digit code, 2648, written on it. If the player clicks on the door on the right, it a baby corpse will appear on the right, and after a few sections, ima socchi (pale ghost woman with something unknown on her mouth) pops up with loud scream.

ふぁんしーあいらんどとっぷ (Topd)

  • This is fake menu page with five different screamers. If the player does nothing or clicks on anything clickable, they will be jumpscared by either the character Ellis (a pale ghost girl with black hair and blood flowing from her eyes and her mouth) accompanied by a black background with a loud scream, konnichiwa hangs from the top of screen with a loud scream, and yamiuchi ji running across the screen in the black background that breaks the main page accompanied by a loud growl. Kuwagata Oji-san jumpscare also occurs with loud roar and laugh which is rare and deleted. To activate 5th (secret jumpscare) click on the ad so the ad destroyed and reveals adogosu peeking from destroyed ad


  • This page just simply a normal japanese room with 4 sliding door. 3 of them is locked and one is unlocked at room 4th kuchisake onna appears twitching and laughing very loud. If you don't kill her she will send you to topd (fake menu page). And if you walk around enough, you can get the code for the Oiaaeptoiympe page. Kuchisake onna will appears at random side laughing. At in some room ellis will appears with laugh (note : ellis is served as distraction) and at 11th room there will be japanese words all over the doors and the room will be tinted red, and you will sent to ninghyouma (doll fight).

床の間 (Tokonoma)

  • It just a normal room with Japanese doll poster and others. Clicking the left switch will result kageboshi appears and sends you to string of jumpscare. Or if you click both switch will result kubikushi appears swinging with laugh.


  • It just a room with door but the door is blocked by something. Click the side and destroy the painting and you will see a gun, click on it but after you move the side again tomato onna appears with loud scream if you don't shoot her she will kill you but if you shoot her there is a door behind her so click on the door.


  • A error page appears 404 not found, a style of Internet Explorer Error, the screen turns black at linked text turns into red and 404 (masked kuchisake onna) appears holding scissor with laugh and shoot her and you will see a door.


  • It's a maze. similar to The Maze, Keep your eyes on the map and the map vanishes. Keep walking in the maze until yamiuchi ji appears to beat you up with the growl and also Ellis with loud laugh. If you don't kill him he will send you to main.html if you kill him there's a door.


  • A dark room with a text says 3 more. Wait too long will result Ellis pops up with loud scream appears at random side, shoot her and you will be leaded to kaidan1.


  • A staircase that leads you to basement. You will face 2 jumpscares, at middle of walking at stairs, shinshutsukibotsu appears and tries to kill you, shoot her. When you facing right side after walking downstair, tomato onna (now she is vengeful ghost also known as onryõ) appears again and tries to kill you. But there is akai onnanoko (sad red skirt girl) appears with laugh.


  • At downstairs you will see a cassette tape. As you played it a high pitch voiced (people who lost at this site) can be heard. As the voice say the password of the next door is 4, 1, 2 but interrupted by pieyama MK2 distracts you with roar while broke the tape and then his laugh can be hear. As you move a code poster on wall appears. And if you go at a basement it leads you to ujinoma


  • At the page, a hanged body (presumably yukihito himself) appears with door and dark staircase clicking the dark staircase will lead you to ikiammadem.html where there is a wall of eyes (hokora1.html) but blocked by kageboshi. And she will sends you to otyejlnieobt.html


  • The bathroom (with 3 stalls) when still exploring at the bathroom you will face 2 jumpscares (obie kubi the falling head and kubishime onna) they both will become more active. When you enters one of the stall there would be obie kubi or kubishime onna appears. Shoot kubishime onna or you will be leaded to aguodiernihs.html. there would be 3 puzzles (at poster, mirror, wooden plank). There is a door that lead you to mmeaizreo.html (need a sheep key) also there is easter egg where a giant bear doll sitting on toilet


  • You are at hallway with dark rectangle (continuation) and as you made through a T junction appears and there is laugh sound played and noh mask with spikes appears. Here is the way L-R-L-R-R-L-R-L-R-L-U-L-R, then you must avoid 2 ghosts including j-ker and kubishime onna. As you finishes you will leaded to hokora1.html


  • The room has roller coaster. And there is japanese text with english translation says "this vehicle is enguipped with machine gun would you like to ride it yes/no" clicking yes will be having some great roller coaster game but has dangerous obstacle ( box, laser eye, karasu ) as you finished the game you will leaded to another room.


  • This has 2 door right door leads to shadow (ghost woman with face obscured with long hair and wearing dark kimono) that sends you fire-ice-dia-brain-jugem.html clicking the panel will shows you sun star and moon click the right order and you got a sudden cursed sword. Go back will have a kubishime onna appears, kill her with your sword, if you don't she will send you to aguodiernihs.html, Go to right door and kill shadow and you click the door infront of you.


  • The final boss has no screamer, just boss fight with pieyama god. Kill him and you have a door. Have a correct code and you will leaded to gallery.


  • This is normal gallery with 2 additional character image (the character i mean is mukadeobake and tamoru). You then realized that there is gibberish caption on gallery master photo until you click her photo, she then floats out from photo with loud laugh and you can kill her by shotgun (similar to old version) and there is a door (NO NEED A PASWORD)

Extra page

  • psychoarc. an old version of psycho.html. this is very loud screamer of 9 psychos coming out from the door. One of them will go crazy if you click on it.


  • It is a string of jumpscare many way can acess it 1st one is kageboshi that sends you to string of jumpscares or ichimatsu ko boss fight.
  1. Fire is pieyama pie man
  2. Ice is japanese doll
  3. Dia is ima socchi
  4. Brain is konkon
  5. Jugem is mandlake (A.K.A weird brown face)

In new version the compilation itself was different

  1. mukadeobake
  2. pair of eyes in jan ken pon battle
  3. mandlake
  4. tamoru
  5. healthy version of dorodoro

Mobile version

This is another version that does not supports flash but has sound.


The page was same just like the start page and there is english translation for the page. Clicking on mimi image will leads you to warning about the game and clicking the curtain will leads you to smpmain.html


The page has door clicking on it will result in the door opens and click the door will have you meet dai kamuro or cursed doll. Dai kamuro is little bit different and now she is bouncing instead of staring at you and same ambience will played clicking on 4 dots will have consequences. Here it is


The page will have 4 elizabeth moving back and forth clicking on them will leads you to content here it is

First mask

The first mask is same just like akeru but you will do nothing and get jumpscared by same clown with loud scream

Second mask

Second mask is same just like konkon. But she slamming your screen really fast and the background is red instead of black. and she has no zits or spots all over her face. And her slamming noise is not repeated


This page is similar to ydad.html and has 3 doors, the first door will make you get jumpscared by kasudo baby with laugh and sends you back to start of the page but babies and first door were gone. Clicking the second door will lead you to smpshoko.html and the third door has jumpscare at 0:07 at the video where J-ker (bloody school girl with tongue sticking out) would burst out from the screen and she jumpscares and kills you

Fourth mask

The same curse page is appears with same distorted signal noise appears.

Second dot

The second dot will leads you to 3 mirrors (two will leads you to screamer and one has password that you should type)


It shows a same information but the manager photo was changed into kanrinin no yorishiro (new character and her eyes were rolled backward in painting version) clicking on her photo will result in shinitai appears but the static noise is not repeated


It shows a diary (old one about depressed manager and new about haunted theme park) at the last diary june 16 2009 a short text appears typing and then the screen fades into a silence but suddenly kanrinin no yorishiro rises from below with loud laugh and she kills you


It shows same eye page and betty is now in half and the staring eyes now blue coloured, typing smpsecretarea or others page that has smp, will leads you to additional page.


it shows many door (25 in different rows one will result in jumpscare)

1st and others in the row

It shows shinshutsukibotsu runs towards you but not harming you with moaning sound (her hair is moving when she runs towards you)

2nd and others in the row

This is one of the famous jumpscare in paradisky, it shows doemon (A.K.A dead baby) appears but then ima socchi descends from ceiling with loud laugh (she is actually ghost due that she is transparent)

3rd and others in the row

It shows ellis bouncing back and forth with giggle

7th and others in the row

It shows namakubi no onna drops from ceiling and jumpscares you with loud laugh

18th door

A text that appears lying and there is another part of the paper called area (smpsecret were scribbled out)

4th dot

Yukie would suddenly crawl towards you and break the screen with moaning sound


The page itself has image of oshiroi and single rainbow door. Clicking on it will leads you to smprandomd


This will shows a different gif and same door clicking the door will result in mandlake from june 16 2009 jumpscare, konkon banging your screen,purapura with distorted signal,yukan no shonen puzzle, and finally smpdtakingame


It is similar to desktop version of it


It will shows 3 doors. 2 will result in screamer and 1 has puzzle to solve.


This is similar to desktop version of it only difference is tamoru's blade is lying on the floor first room and the walking and sliding door sound is different. Clicking the final room door will result in dai kuchisake-on'na twitching with loud laugh. She will kill you if you not slashing her and then there is image of dolls and then you will going to kill 15 dolls. If you don't the middle doll will kills you.


There is bathroom wall with many cockroaches crawling on it. At the end there is a door. Clicking on the door will sends you to smppieyama


There is a door clicking on it will result in pieyama pie man jumpscares you with loud scream. And then the same fight begin but if you have more HP than him, you win


This page is similar to mmeaizreo.html, if you pick the wrong way, either you get killed by beaten up with young sochi and kubishime onna strangles you to death. At the end of the maze there is a door clicking on it will sends you to smprtdwmod.html where tomato onna on mirror (only her eyes is visible) appears swirling as portal. Clicking on mirror will sends you to smpatelier.html


There is a room that resembles atelierdesu Appears with someone sitting on the chair. Clicking the side will have 2 paintings (psycho and kanrinin no yorishiro) appears and one of them has shotgun, if you don't tomato onna will jumpscares the player with loud laugh and then she kill you. If you get a shotgun she will not harm you and you must shoot her face and you did it, you will leaded to gallery (smpstrangespace.html)


The page itself has photos of characters with another easter egg where gallery master will floats towards you with loud laugh List of the photo : Mimi Dai kamuro Elizabeth Nihon ningyou Pieyama pie otoko Konkon Baby Purapura Shinitai onna Mitsumeru me Betty Namakubi no onna Doemon Ima socchi Shinshutsukibotsu Ellis Yukie Mandlake Oshiroi Yukan No Shonen Kubikushi Mezu Tomato onna Yamiuchi ji Kubishime onna Kanrinin no yorishiro Gallery Master


NOTE: This page appears to be a normal gallery at first, but after a few seconds the gallery turns into some people with distorted faces. I believe this is the gallery they are talking about in the last square of the comic on how to play this game.



NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers!

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Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
Score 1++
Note: I believe the profiles should be updated with the ones that have now been officially translated by the game's creator.

Anonymous user #2

4 months ago
Score 0++
Imma admit, the Yukan kid in his YouTube video really do be vibin tho


3 months ago
Score 0++
you just created a manga lol

Anonymous user #3

3 months ago
Score 0++
This feels like a horror manga.

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
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well in youtube

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
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anyone here

Anonymous user #2

2 months ago
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happiness is just sadness but less severe

sadness is the true feeling we all have

we mask our sadness with smiles

when in reality, our masks just keep people from seeing our decomposition

Anonymous user #5

2 months ago
Score 1++
I think this game has too much content to fully document in one place. Also I'm sorry but why is this even on the Jeff the Killer category?


2 months ago
Score 0++
For some reason I find that to be funny as hell, hahaha. It looks like it was included because there's a part of the game that involves a picture "similar to Jeff". Check out "Curse" under "Pieyama".

Anonymous user #6

17 days ago
Score 1++

I feel bad for the creator of this website...

Seriously, he has depression and suicidal thoughts

Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

13 days ago
Score 0++
Wow. That's really long
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