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Screenshot 20190501-140529.png
Maker: Lomando.com
Type: Video
Release date: 2015

Akeru.html is a screamer video that can be accessed on this website: lomando.com/akeru.html beginning at bottom of the gibberish.

The video starts off with a static screen and can be heard on the screen, but suddenly, the screen cuts into Borei running up towards the screen, along with a moan and banging sound, And then the camera goes down and reveals what she brings. A Japanese text that borei written stating "前進するには, その1つをヒント, 人形の間 前のページ, いたるところ 見てみな, クリックできます, ポイントは あるかもしれません ..."

which translates to "To move forward Hint that one, Between the dolls, The previous page, All over, Check it out. it can be clicked, The point is, There may be ...", it's clearly a hint on Lomando.com, before ending the video with static.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • Original Version: youtube.com/watch?v=_qtjCYEk7as
  • Unofficial English version: youtube.com/watch?v=-NhDrvS9i5s


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